Freelance Consulting

Are a few hands short or do you need to include specific skills into your company og project?.


Need a program or tool developed to assist you in automating your day to day operations? .

Emergency Assistance

Are you experiencing a critical problem or having difficulties finding the solution to a technical issue?

Do you need an experienced Oracle Expert?

I have been working with Oracle RDBMS and Enterprise manager for more than 15 years. On top of that I have extensive experience with Oracle Real Application Clusters, Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Enterprise Manager Cloud Control.

Latest technical articles on the blog

Whenever I run into things I would like to document for myself and others it may result in an article – if I can find the time to get it done.

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Performance Tuning

Oracle Database Performance tuning has many aspects ranging from SQL tuning down to storage layer optimisation. I’ve been working with various OS, platforms and storage systems.

License optimization

Over the course of several years I managed the use of Oracle licenses for a large Telco in such a way that necessary licenses for company growth were found through optimising the use of already acquired licenses.

Database migrations

How to migrate Oracle databases to new platforms og newer versions with the least possible impact to business applications? Well, among other things it depends on which platforms are you migrating between?