Logging DNS queries on OSX Server DNS

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It is quite easy to configure OSX Server DNS to log queries to its log file.

Simply open the named.conf file in vi:

sudo vi /Library/Server/named/named.conf

Make sure the logging sections is identical to this:

logging {
channel "_default_log" {
file "/Library/Logs/named.log";
severity info;
print-time yes;
category "default" {
category "queries"{

When the changes have been saved, stop and start the DNS server in the OSX Server administration interface.

After a few days I discovered that the logging to the named.log file had stopped. The configuration file still reflect that queries should be logged but no logging takes place. To restart logging queries it is possible to stop and start the DNS service. I am looking into a solution to this and I will update this blog entry when I find a solution.

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