Curriculum Vitae

Personal Info

  • Name: Henrik Krobath
    Address: Tagskægget 27, 9380 Vestbjerg, Danmark
    Phone: +45 4090 1070
    Birthday: 12. januar 1978

  • Henrik Krobath

Professional Experience

2014 – present: FREELANCE IT consultant, krobath.IT

In 2014 I decided to become a freelance consultant. In doing so I have had the opportunity to work with a number of very interesting customers on various assignments allowing me to develop myself and my own skills as well as learning new technologies.

Throughout 2014 and 2015 I have primarily been working for Nordea in Copenhagen. I’ve come to know finance and the requirements this line of business has to IT systems and deliveries. Originally I started out working as Subject Matter Expert on a Datacenter migration project on Oracle databases. Over time I transitioned into a key resource in maturing the operation of the Exadata platform at Nordea. In parallel I have worked on optimising the architecture of a virtualised database platform to improve performance and, stability to ensure the deliveries met the customers expectations.

  • Database migreringer
  • Daglig drift og troubleshooting
  • Udvikling af værktøjer, scripts og programmer til automatisering af tilbagevendende opgaver
  • Optimering af systemer og databaser
  • Sikkerhed, audit, forensics og analyser
  • Automatisering via machine learning
  • Optimering af system arkitektur
  • Indkøring af Oracle Exadata i Operations

Past Projects and Assignments

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